Converted to Shia Islam “Agustin Zavalios (Khalil)”


He was born in Buenos Aires in a Catholic and Christian family

We were a Catholic Christian family and we adhered to the principles of Christianity for a long time, but this religion never satisfied me and I had many doubts that there were many problems and weaknesses, especially in the Vatican, the main headquarters of Catholics, until I decided to learn about other religions and To increase my knowledge, that’s why I started researching.

First, I went to Eastern religions, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and I read many books. Even following the Buddhists, I did not eat meat for five years and became a vegetarian. After that, I read books about mysticism and Sufism, and I joined the Sufis, but little by little I saw that they do not have a perfect religion and there is no spirituality between them, because practically Sufi monasteries were a place for the rich, they took money from the people and were looking for their own interests and status. In their meetings, they only recited prayers and did not recite the Qur’an, so I was not satisfied at all.

After that, I met one of my friends who had converted to Shia four years before me. Every time we met, we discussed something including Islam. Little by little, these meetings became more frequent and my relationship with him became stronger. Once he said let’s go to the Sheikh Mosque. He used to be a Christian and now he has become a Shia. His name was Ali Abdul Rahman Paul. There we talked with Sheikh Abdul Rahman and I asked him my questions. He patiently answered my questions one by one. By God’s grace, after six months I read Shahadatin and became a Shia.