A German lady named Ina Braun Yousefi converted to Islam and Shiism during a ceremony by reciting Shahadatein


Ina Brown Yousefi” stated in a ceremony that she was happy to be in the city of Qom: In this city, I can speak my heart, I consider Islam to be the embodiment of humanity and rationality, and my husband’s morals made me accept the school of Shiism.

She continued: I plan for my Iranian husband and I to be a cultural bridge between Iran and Germany, Shiites are rich, because they have infallible imams like Imam Hussain (AS).

Hamid Reza Yousefi, the husband of this prominent German lady, pointed out the difficulty of the path of promoting Islam in the West and stated: The missionaries of Islam in the West endure many difficulties in this path, the promotion of Islam in the West is a jihad.

She stated that a few years ago I founded the Shia Studies Foundation in Germany with the cooperation of some friends, adding: Now Islam is being introduced in the West from a specific point of view, and we should seek to introduce the Shia religion in Western countries.