Le Moulient (A French village converted from Christianity to Shia Muslims)


Le Moulient (A French village converted from Christianity to Shia Muslims)

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Muslims in France continually combat the issue of secularism. Sadly, women and girls are restricted in practicing their faith due to the hijab ban. On July 1, 2012, the European Court of Human Rights upheld a French law that prohibited face-covering veils in public space. School girls also risked expulsion for wearing the hijab.

It is a concerning issue as each individual should be permitted freedom of speech and hence a right to practice faith as they wish. Unfortunately, many people in France have adopted the attitude that having a French nationality and Islam as a faith cannot exist simultaneously. This concept is proving difficult for Muslims residing in France.

This documentary takes a glimpse into the lives of a group of reverted Muslims on the outskirts of the small village Conde-Les-Herpy in the province of Ardennes. Childhood friends Abdel Rahman, Abdul Majid and Abdel Nur found their way to the path of Islam and the Ahlulbayt. They battled overcoming the traditional and fundamental catholic principles embedded in their town and society where religion dictated the upbringing of the community. An awkwardly disjointed structure made up of mismatched buildings was made home their heartwarming, extraordinary, vibrant mosque – Le Moulinet.

Abdel Rahman also known as ‘Jean-Francois Renier’ began to have an increasing doubt regarding his faith and many unanswered questions by the local priests. Finding himself more and more distanced from Christianity, he began researching into the path of Islam. Inspired by his reversion, his friends followed in his path and adopted the faith of Islam.

With the struggle of a feeling of separation from each other, the friends decided to build a mosque. In 1996 they established Le Moulinet- the first Shia mosque in the area. This not only serves as a focal point and home for the growing Muslim community, but also a place where future generations can develop.

Don’t miss this uplifting and inspirational tale of friends on their path of reversion, family struggles and their continual work to serve their community and ongoing goal to establish Islam as the natural religion.

Posted on 4th July 2015

Ref.: https://ahlulbayt.tv/blog/le-moulinet/