Australian new-Muslim lady: The feeling that “Qur’an” gave me indicated that this book is not earthly, it is heavenly


At the very beginning of his arrival in Iran, you can find his maternal love; With a small child in her arms, and a calm and loving face… as she mentions her children many times in our conversation, she loves them and is equally worried… she came from a faraway region. across the oceans… from a small region in Australia, which has a small number of Muslims… with this dimension of its path, her becoming a Muslim and a Shiite may be like a miracle, in this age of modern …

Mrs. “Zainab Taylor” at the Congress of Fatimah-ology

Mrs. “Zainab Taylor” from Australia, who came to Iran to participate in the International Conference of Fatemiology, spoke so honestly and pleasantly about her feelings.

She introduces herself as follows:

“I came to Iran from a different village from here, in Australia. There are few Muslims there. I used to be a Christian until a friend introduced me to Islamic books. Those books were fascinating to me…”

And of course, the most interesting of these books was the most important: “I had not yet become a Muslim when I studied the Qur’an. The feeling it gave me indicated that this book is not earthly, but heavenly. I learned the Quran first in English and then in Arabic. Then I studied the life of Hazrat Rasool. I got to know Islam step by step.”

“This is my state, the state of certainty. I believe with all my heart that if there is a guiding light in the world, it is Islam.

When we ask her about her problems in Australia, she is very affected. Perhaps limiting the relationship with his former family and close friends – after becoming Muslim – is his most difficult problem.

Zainab says: “This is Jihad itself. People there are often shocked by the way I dress. Many mocks and reject me. The number of Muslims in our region is very small and this makes my situation very difficult. Media doesn’t fit my ritual, so I pretty much eliminated it from the house. I also cut ties with those former friends with whom it was not possible to continue the relationship.

Taylor adds with a mixed tone of “pride” and “pain”: “I was the first veiled woman in my area.” I’m strange to them and they make fun of me instead of getting to know me! But in all these hardships, I have a joy that they don’t have, and that is “Islam” and “Qur’an”. I am in contact with those who are deprived of it; I have “God” and “Ahl al-Bayt”.

This Australian Muslim lady also talks about the shortcomings: “There are few Islamic opportunities in my place of residence. There are very few books about Islam there. Life is hard for me there. However, I travel a long distance to send my children to a very small Islamic educational center because I am a mother.”

Zainab Taylor, who has been invited to Iran as a Shiite thinker to participate in the Fatimah-ology Congress, despite all these sufferings, ends the conversation with these hopeful words: “With all the qualities I said, I am happy and blessed; Because we live together with my husband and children in the boundless sea of Islam.