Luca Gaetani D’Aragona Lovatelli

Luca Gaetani D’Aragona Lovatelli was one of the largest and most famous wine producers (known as the King of Wine) in Italy. His father owns a large, old alcohol factory called Montalcino.

The Story of converting to Islam:

Luca has been a friend of Eduardo since childhood. He came to Iran in 1988 with Eduardo Aneli. During the trip, Eduardo told “Qadiri Abyaneh” that he had spoken with Luca about Islam and he has brought him to the border of Islam but has failed to convert him to Islam but he believed that one push was enough to convert him to Islam and asked Qadiri to talk to him. Qadiri Abyaneh also talks to Luca at the Azadi Hotel (Evin) for about two hours alone. A meeting that leads to his conversion to Islam and his acceptance of Shi’ism.

Then they go to the Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Golpayegani in Yousefabad and there, Luca’s conversion to the Shi’a is held.

Luca had to choose between wealth and belief, and he, like Eduardo, chose the belief.

Dr. Qadiri Abyaneh says: in the meeting with him at the Azadi Hotel in Tehran, I came to the conclusion that he had no problem with the generalities of Islam, but somethings have led him to refuse to accept Islam. With my knowledge of Italian propaganda about Islam and the veil and the status of women in Islam, I realized his problem was the philosophy of hijab in Islam. He added, I talked to him about it and outlined the philosophy of hijab in Islam and the laws about women. This was very attractive to Luca who had acquired legendary wealth through pornography and alcoholic drinks, and immediately became Muslim and Shia.