The story of Reborn Sister Buthaynia


My name is Buthaynia, and I have been a Muslim now for five years.

I was once a Christian. When I say Christian, I mean I was one of those who had a ministry which I would go to the womens prision once a month. I also taught a Sunday school class and I used to be in the choir, and secretary in a womens group.

Well, I had many Muslims friends and every time they would talk to me about Islam, I would get more interested each time. And I saw that they loved Prophet Jesus (pbuh) more than the Christians did.

It had gotten to the point where each time I would go to church I began to lose interest in it. It had gotten to the point where on Sundays I would make up an excuse to my friends who I ride with for not going. And I also saw just how empty hearted the Christians were.

I had even got to the point to where I would ask the ministers and elders at the church “How could Jesus be God and how can he be three people”, well guess what? They couldn’t answer my question and I also noticed that these people were supposed to be people who loved God, but were very prejudice against other races. I mean in their Bible doesn’t it says that God so loved the world? I guess they never saw that part.

Five years ago, I met a very special person in my life who is my husband. I would always ask him to please teach me about Islam, and Alhamduallah he did. He gave me a book about a Muslim student and a minister who were debating.

The more I read the book the more I noticed how eloquent the Muslim student spoke and I saw just how the supposedly minister who was supposed to have knowledge was always contradicting himself. So can you guess who kept my interest? Yes, the Islamic student.

After I read it that is when I decided that I wanted to become a Muslim, I said the shahada which is:

There is only one God and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is his Messenger.

I have been a Shia Muslim now for five years, and I am so happy that Allah (God) opened my eyes. I was blind but All praise to Allah he lifted the veil from my eyes. Now I have been concentrating on helping people to open their eyes and help lead them to the right path. And now I admin a room called Shia The Right Path of Islam, and all Praise to Allah there are great brothers and sisters there who also admin to help lead others to the right path.

So, now you are reading this and if you are not a Muslim, I pray that you will also get the veil lifted from your eyes.

Thank you so much for reading my story and May Allah Guide You All.

By Sister Buthaynia