Converted to Shia Islam – Gabriella


Gabriella, the English Catholic girl who a year ago had embraced Islam, during the celebration ceremony of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (a) last held on January 23rd, 2022, publicly announced that: “proud to be named Fatemah as my Islamic name.”

In this glorious ceremony, which was held on Sunday evening, January 23rd, 2022, coinciding with the 3rd of Bahman 1400, on the birth anniversary of Siddiqa al-Kubra with the presence of Muslim communities in the Islamic Centre of England, Gabriella as a new Muslim delivered a speech and at the end of her talk, when she announced that she would choose Fatimah as her Islamic name, the crowd cheered and greeted her by the recitation of Salawat loudly.

In recent years many citizens of non-Islamic countries have converted to the holy religion of Islam. The young girl is proud that she has chosen Fatimah as her Muslim name. Hundreds of Shia Muslims from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and African countries took part in this year’s celebration of the birth anniversary of Lady Fatimah (SA), which was held on Sunday (23 Jan 2022) night.