Ali Stefan, a young Austrian tourist, converted to Islam in Iran


Stephen Pieber, a 19-year-old Austrian who traveled to Iran for a 25-day trip, became acquainted with Islam during his trip

Stephen, who has now chosen the name of Ali for himself, in an interview with the reporter said: At the age of 13, he had an inner transformation after seeing a dream and became interested in studying different divine religions.

This newly converted tourist stated: I studied different divine religions for six years and finally I understood Islam as the most complete and supreme divine and heavenly religion.

Regarding his knowledge of Islam, he said: “Based on my studies in this field, I consider Islam a religion with unique features and characteristics that equality, brotherhood, equality, justice and truth and truth are among the main characteristics of this divine religion.”

According to Ali Stephen, the religion of Islam as a superior religion was preached by Jesus (pbuh) to his followers and this is a sign of superiority and perfection of this religion over other religions.

He added: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the founder of Islam and has been a kind, trustworthy and supportive of the deprived and oppressed.

He, who has traveled to the cities of Mashhad and Qom during his trip and has also met with one of the imitators, said:

Religious cities have special features, especially in the courtyard of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (as), man forgets the world and gives a strange enthusiasm to man.

This Austrian tourist stated that the reason for choosing Ali’s name for himself was to know the first Imam of the Shiites according to his studies and added: “In my opinion, Imam Ali (AS) was a just, knowledgeable, pious and compassionate person who had great and kind children.”

Ali Stefan said: “I have chosen the right path in converting to Islam and I will never regret this choice.”

He continued: “Islam, in my opinion, is a religion with revelation and divinity, and it is a valuable, generous and great religion, because every Muslim, whether black, white, or with any sect, has value from Islam, and Islam is superior to anyone.” He does not know except in having religion and justice.

He stated: “Islam is a comprehensive and social religion and, in this religion, we see more social and participatory work.”

At the end, Ali Stefan stated that he is very interested in visiting Mecca and visiting the House of God, and expressed hope that in the future he will be provided with the opportunity to live and be more present in Iran.

In this interview, with a little familiarity with Persian and Arabic, he read the testimonies (شهادتين) in a sweet accent.