Encyclopaedia of the converts “موسوعة المستبصرين”

موسوعة المستبصرين

By the grace and help of God and with the care of the Ahl al-Bayt of Infallibility and Purity (PBUH), after the great efforts of the scientific group in the the Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre, the first volume of the Encyclopaedia of the converts (موسوعة مستبصرین) was published.

The first volume of the “Encyclopedia of the Converts” was published at the same time as the martyrdom of Hazrat e Fatima (s.a).

This encyclopedia includes the names of those who converted to Islam and the Shia school of Ahlul bait (a.s) from the first century upto the fifteenth century, and examines their biographies, circumstances, and scientific and cultural works.

It has to be mention that the present collection has been compiled under the auspices of Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Morteza Mirsajjadi and The Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre.


Summary of the process of compiling the Great Encyclopedia of the Converts

These steps include:

  • Mentioning the name and nickname and the title of the Converts
  • Mentioning the date of birth and death of Converts
  • Mention the place of birth and place of growth and life (As well as mentioning the jihad and the wars he took part in if he was present, Various conversations about Converts from companions and people who lived in his time, social, scientific and political status of Converts, theirs services and other matters)
  • Stories and stages of Convert to Shia
  • Others’ statements about Converts
  • Mentioning publications and works of converts in various fields such as: scientific, cultural, social, political and….
  • Mention of books and articles that have been written about the Converts.
  • Mention the name of the book in which the biography of converts is mentioned or his name is mentioned with brief explanations. (Mentioning these sources will be from the books of the sects (Shia and Sunni).
  • Mentioning narrations in which he has been glorified or condemned. (Converts who lived in the time of Ahl al-Bayt (as), that is, before the Great Absence “غیبت کبری”, who are known as the Motaqaddemin”متقدمین”, such as Zarara ibn A’yon, Hisham ibn Al-Hakam and …)


Points to consider in the process of compiling the encyclopedia of the Converts:

  • Considering the biographies of the Converts according to the chronological order of their lives, i.e from the first century AH to the fifteenth century.
  • Mentioning the biographies of Converts from important sources and historical references known, in chronological order of these sources
  • It should be noted that the first volume of this encyclopedia includes a detailed introduction explaining the original Shia beliefs, and then, the converts of the first and second centuries are discussed