Encyclopedia of Shia converts


The practical course and the stages of preparation of the Encyclopedia of Shia converts.

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The Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre with help and believes in Allah Almighty is intends to publish a large encyclopedia entitled “الموسوعة الكبرى للمستبصرين” and in the close future release it. This encyclopedia includes the names of people who have converted to Islam and the school of Shia from the first century to the fifteenth century by mentioning biography and other points related to them which detailing the practical process will mention in this Encyclopedia:

(Summary of the publishing process)

The order of these steps are:

  1. Mentioning the name, surname and Nickname of converts (of those converted to Shiaism).
  2. Mentioning the date of birth and death of converts (of those converted to Shiaism).
  3. Mentioning the place of birth and place of growth and life (And also mention the jihad and the wars that participated in, and in case of presence, different conversations about the converts by companions and those who have lived in their age, social and scientific and political positions etc. of converts, their services and other affairs.)
  4. Stories of the stages of evolution and conversion.
  5. Others talk about converts.
  6. mentioning the publications and works of the converts in various fields such as: scientific, cultural, social, political, etc.
  7. Mentioning the books and articles written about the converts.
  8. The name of books which the biography of the converts is mentioned there or their names with a brief description mentioned. It would not be secret that mentioning these sources would be from Sunni and Shia books.
  9. mentioning the narrations in which the position of converts, were honored or rebuked. (Those converts who lived at the time of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s) means before the absenteeism, which they are known as “Mutaqaddimin” Such as: زرارة ب أعين، هشام بن الحكم).

Some points to note in the process of collecting Encyclopedia of Shia converts:

  • Considering the biography of the Converts in the order of their lifetime, its means from the first century to the fifteenth century.
  • Mentioning the biography of Converts from the important sources and famous historical references according to the order of these resources.