Al-Dala’el Fi Marefate al-Masa’el al-khlelafiyah (الدلائل فی معرفة المسائل الخلافیة)


الدلائل فی معرفة المسائل الخلافیة

Author: Seyed Murteza Mir Sajjadi

Publication of the Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre

Language: Arabic

الدلائل في معرفة المسائل الخلافية

This book has been written and compiled by the head of “The Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre”, contained strong and convincing evidences from the Holy Quran, narrations and rational evidences which it has been prepared for a dialogue away from the tension with Wahhabism and Salafism. In this book, an attempt has been made to dispel the suspicions of the enemies with the mentioned arguments and enlighten the public mind with the focus on the “hadith of Saqalein”. In this book, to baseless suspicions about visiting graves, prostrating on the soil (Turbat) of the Imam Hussain a.s, blessings and appeals to the saints (­اولیاء الله) have been answered from the sources accepted by the Sunnis.