Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Practical Conduct

Islamic Research Foundation releases second volume of “Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Practical Conduct”

The Traditions Department at Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation has newly published the second volume of the book “Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Practical Conduct” in Arabic.

As all aspects of human life including their behavior toward one another, family and society as well as their social, ethical, political, economic, scientific, and security activities must be in line with those of God’s prophets particularly Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), writing books of this kind has been prevalent since a long time ago.
The Prophet’s words are the most complete in terms of eloquence and logic and when one acts upon his advice and conduct, his soul will be purified from all vices. Acting based on his commandments and conduct will change the ordinary people into celestial bodies and shining ones in a way that all creatures from the skies will admire them.
The book has been written by a group of Iranian authors in Arabic taking all the above into account. Two chapters of the book cover behavior and personality of Islam’s Prophet (pbuh) in 27 topics. The book also provides the reader with 30 topics on social conduct of the Prophet (pbuh) and the whole content is based on valid traditions.
Humility with people, etiquettes of drinking and eating, respecting and treating guests, right decorum of slaughtering animals, and observing discipline in life are among the topics covered by the book.