Books Authored by Reborn “Sheikh Mateen Charbonneau”


Joshua Adam Charbonneau is an American Muslim.

He was born into a Christian family, and later chose to revert to Shi’a Islam at the age of 17.

After reverting to Islam, he chose the name Mateen which in Arabic means strong, firm and unshakable.

Some of his works:

  • The Suffering of the Ahl ul Bayt and their Followers throughout History
  • Christians who Defended and Died for Prophet Muhammad and his Family
  • Cristianos que defendieron y murieron por el Profeta Muhammad y su familia
  • Les Chretiens qui se sont sacrifices pour le Prophete Muhammad et sa Famille
  • Mystery of the Shia
  • A Study Guide for Logic
  • Prophetic Gems: Advice from Prophet Muhammad and His Family
  • A Commentary to the Faith of Shia Islam (Aqaed Imamiyya) of Allama Muzaffar
  • Recalling the Sacrifices of Karbala: English Museeba for the Nights of Muharram
  • Esteemed Women of Islam