Converted to Shia Islam – Armina Rezvani


Armina Rezvani, Bosnian Convert, referring to how she got to know the Persian-language private high school in Bosnia, said: After finishing middle school, I heard from the teachers that there is a Persian-Bosnian high school in our city. Since I was interested in foreign languages, I chose this private school. This was the first time that I got to know Iran and the Persian language. She said: I got to know Islamic affairs in this school. My family and I were among the Sunni Muslims of Bosnia, who neither know much about the religious teachings nor follow them. In the family, issues such as hijab, prayer, etc. were not defined for us.

This Bosnian convert added: “I was 16 years old when I wore hijab for the first time after being influenced by the school environment. In high school, when we were told about God’s teachings and blessings, I always had the feeling that I had not been able to be grateful to the one who gave me blessings and do something for him. These issues caused me to wear hijab in order to thank God and wear hijab for God’s sake. Of course, at this time, only my clothing changed and I had not yet wearing chador. Although this change of clothing was difficult for me at the beginning, and faced the reaction of people around me, especially my parents, but after getting used to this clothing, I found hijab enjoyable and relaxing”.

Armina continues: “As time went by, I became more familiar with the philosophy of hijab and realized that the path I have chosen is not wrong. So I resisted the reactions and looks of people on the street. Even with hijab clothing, I went to countries like Austria and Germany and it was not difficult for me. I could even easily pray in public places such as the park when it was call to prayer (Azan)”.

God showed me the right way

Armina added: “At this time, I was suffering from an identity crisis. Because I had a different culture in my country for 21 years and now I had to choose. I was stressed at nights and always begged God to show me the right path. After a year of studying and researching about the Islam, I finally accepted the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and became a Shiite”.

The destruction of women’s identity in the West, a result of the removal of hijab and purity

She continued: “Women who want to try western lifestyle should know that we have tried it and we failed. Mistakes should not be repeated. All the institutions of the family, women’s affection and personality have been destroyed in the West. Her identity is lost due to the loss of women’s hijab and purity. Many western women, especially Bosnians, have come to the conclusion that the way of nudity is not a way that can be beneficial for them, and this has caused them to tend to the issue of hijab. On the other hand, women who think hijab and purity is not good should study their religion from the beginning and examine their beliefs so that with a better understanding of the philosophy of hijab, their practical commitment will increase”.