Converted to Shia – Claudia (Sukayna)


Sukayna: Sayyida Masuma’s holy shrine is my heaven

A 32 year old Christian Italian girl has chosen Islam. Her journey started 7 years ago when she was a religious studies student in her country. Claudia now Sukayna, says that she had studied about different religions for her courses, but she was encouraged to study about Islam when his Christian professor talked about Imam Ali a.s.

The professor told the story of what happened to Imam Ali after Prophet, and the story of Imam Hussain as well. Imam Hussain’s story influenced Sukayna’s life and was a turning point. “Imam Hussain’s story was very exciting for me. I wished to know about his family and his relationship to God and this made me search about him”. Sukayna says that the special feature of the story of Imam Hussain (AS) made her become a Muslim.

The imam’s inseparable bond with his family and his emotional life have been interesting for Sakina. He says, by the way, the connection between Abu Abda… (pbuh) and God has made Ashura last after many years. The research about Islam took three years to the point where, after known about Imam Hussain, Claudia officially became a Muslim and changed her name to Sukayna.

Islam was the answer to all my questions

She had many questions about life: “I knew nothing about life and I searched a lot about it. Why we’re in this world? Why we came here and what we have to do?” Islam answered to all her questions. Sukayna’s conversion was not accepted by her family. But this doesn’t prevent her and she continues her research about Islam.  “Now I read Quran and hang out with Muslim groups”. She met Syrian immigrants to Europe after the Syrian war as well as other Muslims learns every day new things about Islam. Of course she says that she had decided to study about Islam step by step.

“At first I knew nothing about Islam except its laws”. Sheikh Muhammad Tijani’s and Imam Khumaini’s books helped her. About Hijab, it take her about one year to wear it. “I thought it is not important. When I got initiated to other muslims I realized that I have to wear Hijab”.  Reading a verse of quran that encourages women to wear Islamic veil, caused her to choose Hijab. “I chose it to hide my beauty from men. I felt good wearing hijab. Now men see my inner beauty instead of just see my outer beauty. They can see how intelligent and capable I am”. She says that after the hijab, she now has beauty that she did not see in herself before.

Sayyida Masuma’s holy shrine is my heaven

She’s interested in the two religious cities qom and Mashad more than other Iranian cities. I travel to Qom and to Sayyida Masuma’s shrine anytime I can. It’s a special feeling. I love to visit Imam Reza’s shrine, too. I’m feel calm as if I’ in the heaven”.

The special person in her life is Imam Hussain. Although she’s not visited his shrine yet, she has a deep relationship to him. This is why she chose Sukayna as her name. “Sukayna is Imam Hussain’s daughter. I have read many stories and poems of her”. Interested in the sentimental relationship between Imam Hussain and her daughter, and what happened to Imam’s daughter after her martyrdom, caused Sukayna to choose this name.