“Louise” A new French Muslim in the Holly shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH)


A young French convert to Islam while attending the holly shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH) said: I liked peace in Iran, that’s why I came to Iran, while in France everyone thinks that Iran is a terrorist country, but I didn’t think like that.

“Louise”, a young French man who converted to Islam, attended the shrine of Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (PBUH) and paid his respects to this great lady of Islam.

The French young man said: I have been converted to Islam for about two months and I hope that God will help me in this path that I have chosen.

He said about his conversion to Islam: After the death of one of my friends, I was very sad that I lost my friend and I believed that God sees me. One day, during my distress, when I raised my head, I observed that in a clear and cloudless sky, only one star was shining in the sky; I was impressed and considered it a sign from God for me.


Islam was an answer to my needs

“Louise” stated that this issue made him calm down and after the research I did, I chose the religion of Islam, and said: “Islam has many features that I think could answer all my needs and questions”. After accepting Islam, I forgot all my sorrows and felt that I could deal with the death of my best friend.

He said about his trip to Iran: I liked the peace in Iran, that’s why I came to Iran, while in France, everyone thinks that Iran is a terrorist country, while I didn’t think so.


Islam is a religion of peace

He pointed out the role of Islam on world peace and said: Islam means peace. I was very sad because of the bad things I saw in European countries. I would like the world to be full of peace. My religion is the religion of peace and I would like to introduce Islam in France so that the people of France understand Islam correctly.