Ta’ammolat “Reflections “


Ta’ammolat “Reflections “


Author: Abdul-Baqi Qarne Al-Jaza’ri

Categories: Publications of Shia convert center

A glance at the story of the author of this book:

Famous scientist and scholar, Dr. Abdul-Baqi Qarne Al-Jaza’ri, was born in 1956 in Algeria. He was succeeded to get a bachelor’s degree in education science in his country. In 1986 he converted to the Shia. After his guidance, he immigrated to Iran and after graduating his doctorate, started to compile and write valuable books in various contextual and historical fields and also participated in satellite networks to defend the foundations of the Islamic faith of Mohammad (s.a.w.w) and Shiaism and has continued his activities till now.


summary of the content of this book:

As is clear from the name of this book, author, invite the Shiite opposition, especially the Wahhabis, to contemplate and thinking, he has invited them to challenge of thinking Vacant of prejudice in relation to their beliefs. The author of this book, along with a scientific and explicit critique of these people’s misconceptions, was also accountable for some of the belief doubts of the Shia enemies. According to the author, this book is a summary of questions that had never been answered before being guided to him and he has converted to Shi’a after the Unresponsive of his former scholars.

The center plans soon to translate this book in Persian.