Sheikh Noor al-Yaqeen Younos Badran:


Sheikh Noor al-Yaqeen Younos Badran:

Categories: Chronicles of the converted to Shia.

Sheikh Noor al-Yaqeen Younos Badran Imam of Jama’at and preacher in Al-Nour Mosque in al-Ba’neh village of al-Khalil city, Palestine, converted to Shia to be the first Imam of Jama’at of Shia in Palestine.

Twelve Shiite Imams are all immaculate and I will not return from this religion.

Sheikh Badran spoke during a speech: I took this decision three years ago and from the early 90 decade I studied regarding Shia religion at Sharia and Islamic Sciences college in “Umm al-Fahm” city.

He continued: After our fellow Muslims around the world announced that Shias are like other Muslims and they have no difference with other Muslims, I felt that it is time to declare that I am Shia.

Sheikh Badran adds: The Shia religion does not different with the fundamental principles contained in the Divine Book and the Sunnah of the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and match with that.

The converted Palestinian mentioned: When I was a Sunni, I defended Shi’a, and today that I became a Shiite, I continue to defend the Shiite line and it’s likely that my converting to Shia, would be trouble to me.