Marwan khalifat


Marwan khalifat

Categories: Autobiographies of converts(of those converted to Shiaism)

Marwan Khalifat born in Jordan in shafe’i family (1973 AD).

He went to Yarmouk University to continue his education and received his baccalaureate degree in Islamic Law (Islamic jurisprudence) in 1995 AD. Marwan was impressed by some of his “salafi” teachers and accepted their words of Religious and Belief without any consideration.

He had a Shiite friend who knew him from childhood and because of their proximity and their nature to each other, despite their dissent, their friendship continued. However, there was some Disputes and intellectual conflicts between them about the Ideological affairs, that Over time, with the increase in their knowledge, these conflicts became even greater. This became especially intense after Marwan went to university, day by day. Marwan used all his efforts to bring the lessons and reasons learned by his “salafi’s” masters to isolate his friend from his Shia thought and guide him, but he found himself weak against his friend strong arguments.

One of the main issues that played an important role in Marwan’s conversion, paying attention to the event of the “tragedy of Thursday” that was previously neglected by him. When his friend saw his enthusiasm about praise of “Omar”, he quoted the event of Thursday’s tragedy and reminded him Omar’s position toward the Prophet (s.a.w.w). When the Prophet (s.a.w.w) said to his companions a few days before his death:” Bring me a pen and paper to write something for you that you will never go astray.” Then Umar said:” Fever has overcome the Prophet, and delirium says. The Quran is enough for us.” Marwan could not understand the cause of this incident. So began to deny this issue and told to his friend: Do you attach this to the Faroqi, which has never disobeyed the Prophet. His friend showed him the address of this hadith in “Sahih Muslim” and “Bukhari.” But he could not accept this fact and he tried to justify that if it is said by him, still he is one of companion. He asked his friend how he had achieved this hadith in “Sihah script”. Hence his friend led him to “Then I was guided” by Tijani.

Marwan was surprised by the conversion one of Sunni scholar to Shia and decided to study the book.

He describes himself during the studying the book: “Useful story and the book’s fascinating way attracted me. I read the explicitly Imamate of Ahlul Bayt, the oppositions of the Companions with the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and the tragedy of Thursday. The author had quoted the subject from the book “Sihah”. So, I was horrified by what I read that all my thoughts have fallen and tried to convince myself that these facts are not available in our books. On the second day, I decided to go to the university library and review the documents. Then I started from tragedy of Thursday and saw that this incident in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari was quoted in several ways.” Marwan says: There were two possibilities in front of me, I agree with Omar’s words and I believe that the Prophet has said delirium and non-sense and, in this way, I make accusation away from Omar or to defend the Prophet (s.a.w.w) and confess Some of the Companions led by Omar, committed a great error in the Prophet’s right. On the same day my friend asked me about the accuracy of the book and I by grief, hardly answered: yes. I stayed astonished for some time and my thoughts went to different places. My friend gave me some books i.e. “To be with the truthful” and “Ask those who know” by Al-Tijani and others books that These works revealed many truths and increased skepticism and doubts. I tried to stop my doubts by reading the traditions of our scholars, but not only did they not benefit me, but they gave me more insight into the merit of the Ahlul-Bayt religion. I read many books that is not possible to mention all of them. These books revealed to me the truth with strong evidence. So that my intellect was stunned in front of them. Until finally the truth accepted by my mind and I accepted Shia religion completely and with the confidence of the heart.