Stephen Friedrich Schaefer


Friedrich Schaefer, a newly converted German, said: The Iranian people’s revolution was not because of hunger but because they pursued the purpose of Karbala’s uprising and in fact the Iranian revolution has been a continuation of the Karbala revolution.

Stephen Friedrich Schaefer said: During the time of Karbala and the uprising of Imam Hussein (a.s), 16 thousand of people sent letters of allegiance to him but only less than a hundred people accompanied him but this was not a reason to not fighting and give up because the purpose of Imam Hussein (a.s) was a divine and sublime goal.

The new converted German-Muslim scholar, referring to the story of “Hor(حر)”, added: It was Hor’s conscience that made him ask himself for a moment what I should do and put himself between heaven and hell, he turned from army that is overwhelmingly soldiers and will certainly win toward the army with a small number of soldiers, and definitely It’s really a big deal.

Friedrich Schaefer stated: If you explain for a non-religious person what He has done, he/she will surely call him insane, because he/she does not know the essence of the action and based on worldly thinking considers his work unreasonable and insane.

Referring to the attitude of Hor at this time, he said: During the US-Vietnam War, many American troops withdrew from the war, because their conscience had suffered from the oppression of the Vietnamese people.

Friedrich Schaefer stated: The common point of all the revolutions in the world is the cruelty and finishing their patience and if we look back through history we find that there is this commonality among them all.

He said: unbeliever people have no problem when their pockets are full of money and their belly is full, when they get a little hungry, they continue to live in the same way, but when the hunger is no longer tolerated and they are overcome, they start a revolution.

The German researcher continued: Imam Hussein’s revolution was not because of hunger, but he had a larger purpose for his uprising, which that goal created among the Iranian people many years later and they started the Islamic Revolution.

The newly converted German made it clear: The Iranian people’s revolution was not because of hunger, but because they pursued the purpose of Karbala’s uprising and in fact, the Iranian revolution is a continuation of the Karbala revolution.

Friedrich Schaefer continued: Today we have another Imam Hussein (a.s) that is hidden, but in the future there will be another revolution like Karbala and I am sure that it will be a continuation of the Ashura movement and the Karbala revolution.

About the freedom Friedrich Schaefer said: there are two types of freedom one is relates to the world and the earthly body and another is about the is about the inner person.

He continued: Man can be free even in prison, for example, Imam Khomeini and Prophet Yusuf (a.s) were often imprisoned but their freedom was exemplary, and the two types of freedom’s differences shows well.

Friedrich Schaefer said: One of the other situations in which human beings understand the difference between two types of freedom is beside the holly shrine Imam Reza (as), in there, in the crowd, the human is not free at all but inside the human it seems that there is no one else besides himself, God and Imam Reza (a.s).

He stated about the ideology of unbeliever people: A unbeliever person doesn’t believe in existence of God at all, In Germany, the 90% of people are Christians which are only Christians in their birth certificate, not in their beliefs but they are originally unbeliever and didn’t believe in anything.

Friedrich Schaefer also said in part of his speech about how to convert to Islam: One of my friends invited me to Islam, but I asked him for a solid reason for the legitimacy of Islam and he did it with introducing several books which was translated into Arabic.

He continued: After reading these books, I became curious to find out more and after a lot of research, I turned to the religion of Islam and I read the shahadatain (شهادتین) in one of the mosques.

The German Muslim at the end said: We can all be soldiers of Imam Zaman (a.t.f.s) which he one day continue the revolution of Imam Hussein (a.s) to form a world government.

It is worth mentioning that Stephen Friedrich Schaefer has been converting to Islam since 1999 and from 2002 he has chosen Shiite religion.

After converting to Islam, he wrote several articles and books such as “Forty Hadiths about Fasting” and several articles.

Friedrich Schaefer now lives in Qom-Iran, under the name of Abdullah and during this time he also learned Persian.