American converted lady: I was Catholic; and now I am Shia of Imam Hussein (a.s)


Yesterday’s Diana and today’s Hajar, as a Christian who has become Shia of Imam Hussein (a.s), saying her feeling about Seyed al-Shohada (a.s).

Diana Tranco was born to a Christian family in Texas and he has been Promoting Christianity in the church, who is suddenly got familiar with Islam and after studying and researching about Islam at the age of twenty, she chose Islam as her religion.

She has studied Master of Communication in America which leaves the United States for Europe with the rise of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and then she for continuation of her researches and studies about Islam goes to Iran and begins his life in Qom and then he goes to Tehran for further studies and researches. Today her name is Hajar Hosseini. A converted Christian to Islam who says: In the way of his research, he becomes acquainted with the personality of Imam Hussein (a.s) and by her saying, it was the culmination of her intellectual and spiritual development.

She says about herself: I was born into a Catholic family. A family that cared deeply for religious principles. I was always curious about different religions and seeking the truth of spirituality. At the age of eighteen, I decided to travel from America to Europe to pursue my demand (about religion) in Europe. But on that journey, I realized that there was no difference between America and Europe and everyone was drenched in material things. My time in Europe coincided with the Islamic Revolution in Iran. I had just become familiar with Islam at that time but I did not find any more in-depth research.

Mrs. Hosseini adds: that time, Iranian Revolution caused to made a dialogue between the followers of Christians, and especially the Pope with Muslims, and in particular Ayatollah Khomeini. In Europe, the Pope organized several briefings with several Iranian Shiites. By grace of God I also attended those meetings. we continued our discussion from the Prophet of Islam and his way and the way of past prophets and religious principles in a comparative way to Islam and Christianity and even our discussion reached to the issue of the Iranian revolution. I remember, it was raised there that Imam Khomeini did not launch an armed revolution in Iran, but it started and continued from inside the people and the humans.

In response to his research path and dealing with the issue of Imam Hussein (a.s), he says: In Iran, I tried to attend many religious ceremonies and I seriously introduced myself to every ceremony was performed for Imam Hussein (a.s). Alongside this ceremonies, what was very important to me was the recognition of Imam Hussein (a.s), a person who has a global role. Imam Hussein’s move and animus was to Restore the truth. He sacrificed everything to maintain the principle of religion and the truth of humanity. There are a strange Reasonable and intellectual dimensions for this subject. That was the main reason I became a Muslim. The patterns and ways that exist in Islam, are not in Christianity. Christians believe that Christ, the Son of God, came and was killed to forgive their sins. Issues not solved in Christianity, Islam has solved them.

Yesterday’s Diana and today’s Hajar, as a Christian who has become Shia of Imam Hussein (a.s), saying her feeling about Seyed al-Shohada (a.s): Honestly, I can’t answer this question. Can you define the climax of the truth? Imam Hussein (a.s) is the climax of the truth.