Bibi Zainab is My Role Model – Shiite Convert Indonesian Lady


Indonesian Shiite Convert Lady Emilia – Zainab: After embracing Islam and converting to Shi’ism, I faced many difficulties but they only enhanced my resolve to walk on the path of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS).

This is according to Amilia, an Indonesian convert to Shia Islam who was attending the “Spring of Martyrdom” international festival in the holy city of Karbala.

Amilia said that after embracing Islam, at first she had many questions about the religion whose answer she did not find in Sunni books and sources.

“I did not give up in my quest and tried to find the answer to my questions in Shia sources. That was when I realized that Shi’ism had provided answers to these questions long ago. From then on I started saying my prayers in full faith.”

Amilia added that after studying the life and Seerah of Hazrat Zeynab (SA), she took the great lady as a role model and changed her name to Zeynab.

Currently, she is working to promote the true Muhammadan Islam in Indonesia and has been successful in her efforts.

Zainab (Amilia) is a member of the Human Rights Organization and has a Master degree from U.S.A

Asked about her motivation for participating in the festival, the new convert said her main motivation was visiting the holy Shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) in Karbala.

“I actually came to Kerbala without thinking of what is happening in here or how I would be received because I came for the Love of Imam Hussein a.s, and to pay my respect to the Greatest Martyr of all time Imam Hussain a.s.

She also acknowledged the Hospitality and the Generosity of the Iraqi People, by saying that “I have been deeply moved by the great hospitality Iraqi people are known for, the great reception, and the services available everywhere.”

She further told about her Journey into Islam as she mentioned that she used to be a Christian but she converted into Islam after her family did, but she didn’t use to pray because she had 100 questions in her mind requiring answers that she used to be preoccupied with. And to resolve those Questions She tried to explore the truth about the Prayer, from the People of Sunni Sect, but she could not get the convincing answer from them. But she didn’t lose hope and Kept determined not to give up seeking the fact of Islam until she searched for the answers for her questions online then she found that her questions had already been answered by Shiite people. And Since then, she started praying continously and confidently, and then she came to Iraq in order to perform pilgrimage to Imam Hussein a.s , shrine ,as she says that she has an special faith on the teaching of the Imam Hussain a.s .

She further Narrated her story and said, “I have been oppressed for being Muslim Shiite but I have taken the courage from the life and struggle of the great Imam and Her Brave Sister, and steadfast to the guidelines shown by the Imam Hussein and Bibi Zaineb (a.s). She said that she has deep inspiration from the Bibi Zaineb a.s and She further added that She now takes Bibi Zainab as her Role Model, and idealize her Life and struggle.  she says that she has read so much about her as she was the greatest woman of the world and has set an example for the World by taking so much Burdens and facing it all with such Dignity and Courage. And She finally told that it was her Inspiration with Bibi Zainab that she has even Changed Her Muslim Name as “Zainab” in honour of the Great Lady as she is an incomparable woman in the whole history.”

She also mentioned that she always does her best in Indonesia to guide people to confidently convert into Islam, and she thanked Almighty Allah for being able to successfully guiding and letting so many people to convert into Islam.