Jibreel Bowari, New Reborn from Mali


I became a Shia; because I researched.

Mali has an area of more than one million square kilometers and about fourteen million people. Of this population, about ninety-three percent are Muslims, the number of Shiites is not too large, about four thousand people.

  • Please introduce yourself?

I am Jibreel Bowari from Mali, I am twenty-seven years old and I am studying jurisprudence and education in Al-Mustafa Al-Alamiya community in the holy city of Qom.

  • We have heard that you converted to the religion of Ahl al-Bayt for several years.

Yes, I was Sunni Maliki. I became a Shia almost four years ago.

  • What happened that you accepted the religion of Ahl al-Bayt?

When I was in high school, we had a professor who taught us the history of Islam. This professor was a Shia, but he did not tell anyone that he was a Shia. The subject of the lesson was from the history before the Prophet to the history of the four caliphs, but he also taught us the history of Imam Hassan. When we reached Imam Hossein, he said that anyone who wants to know more about this noble person should go to Ahl al-Bayt School in Bamako.

Bamako is the capital of Mali and I used to live there. Of course, these schools exist in other cities as well. When I got my diploma, I immediately went there and studied there for about four years. You probably know that this school is under the supervision of Mustafa Al-Alamiya Center. I did my own research and immediately found out that the school of Ahl al-Bayt is right and I became a Shia.

  • What did you research about?

About the four caliphs and the succession of the Prophet. Because when I researched, I did not find any hadith that you should follow the first caliph or the second caliph, but I saw several hadiths in Sunni books that the Prophet said to follow Ali. Of course, these hadiths are also mentioned in al-Ghadir and al-Muraje’aat. Of course, I asked the same question to the Sunni scholars, but they kept silent and said that this question should not be asked, so I was more drawn to research and study and became more curious.

  • You said that there are schools in other cities like the one you studied in Bamako. I wanted to know how many of these schools are there in Mali.

There are many, I don’t know how many, but Shiite students dominate in these schools.

  • How do you evaluate the impact of these schools?

It has an effect in familiarizing and attracting people to the Ahl al-Bayt religion, but they must also work, establishing a school alone is not enough, especially since unfortunately there is no connection between the school and the students they educate.

  • Did your family not oppose your conversion to Shia?

No! I did not face the opposition of my family in accepting the Ahl al-Bayt religion.

  • Why?

Because I myself was a Sunni missionary. I gave lectures, went to the pulpit, taught.

  • What subjects did you teach?

Jurisprudence, Tafsir, Hadith and…

  • Does that mean they accepted you scientifically?

Yes! That’s why they didn’t protest.

  • Did any of your family members become Shia?

No, my family did not become Shia.

  • How about your wife?

When I became a Shia, my wife, who is also a student, researched and became a Shia when she found out that the religion of Ahl al-Bayt is true.

  • What problems do you think the Shiites in Mali are facing?

Lack of cultural facilities, although people know the Shia religion, but the Shiites have nothing, neither a mosque, nor a Hussainiyya, nor a cultural center, nor a library.

  • How is the economic condition of the people of your country?

It is average and normal, but it must be said that Shiites are under economic, social and political pressure. For example, they do not hire Shiites in government offices, and even if they know you are a Shiite or have become a Shiite, they fire you. It seems that such inappropriate behavior is under the influence of Wahhabism.

  • How to help the Shiites?

In my opinion, doing cultural work and building schools is the best and highest help to Mali Shiites and other Shiites of the world.

  • What do you expect from the Ahl al-Bayt World Assembly?

I have no expectations, because they have not started working in Mali. Of course, the fact that I said that I have no expectations is because of my great discomfort.

What do you have to say to the Muslims of the world?

  • My message to the Muslims of the world is to have unity.

While I thank you again for participating in this friendly conversation, we will hear your final speech.

Allow me to have my final conversation with Imam Zaman (a.t.f.s), that my constant prayer is to hasten his reappearance, and that he may come soon so that this cruelty and oppression ends.