Converted to Shia “Sister Fattoum”


In 1990, in Montreal, I enrolled my son to the Muslim School. This was the first time I had encountered with shia Muslims.

An Iraqi lady who invited me her home, and at the time of prayer gave me a turba to pray on, and saying that there were more merits if our fore head touched it while sajdah. Strange enough, I was quite convinced with her explanations; although, it was the first time I have heard them! I knew that she was watching me while I was praying. I didn’t mind, as if I felt a superiority from her over me!

I should say, this overwhelming experience of discovering their strong faith made me approach to them even more! Nevertheless, had I not frequented their huseiniyya, I would not have admitted that I had become a Shia. So, it happened one day: while I was there, another Iraqi lady asked me if I was a shia. I have answered that I didnt know, and I added that I loved the “Ehl ul Bayt”. She then answered: ” SO YOU ARE A SHIA!” I was happily surprised, and I have smiled at her that I have been convinced.

Then I have started my research: I have read a lot of books; I have asked a lot of questions. I was teaching my son as well. One day he said that all his friends were suniis. I said to him that I have proved that to follow Imam Ali a.s. was the order of our Prophet (s.a.a.w), and I knew that, my son had become a shia at that moment. MashaAllah, he was nine years old then. ElhamduliLLAH. May Allah Swt guard us all in the right path. Amin!