Mohammad Amin Sepahian converted from Balochistan-Iran


I said to Imam Zaman: If Shiism is right, show me

According to what I heard from the Shiites; I was engaged in preaching against Shiites. I had heard about some superstitions about the beliefs of the Shiites, so in 2006 I came to Qom to research about Shiism and to know more about the beliefs of the Shiites. I wanted to see these things with my own eyes. I went to Jamkaran Mosque to see closely the well where I had heard people pour their letters.

When I reached Jamkaran, something crossed my mind and I said to Imam Zaman: “If you are really the truth and you are alive, show me the truth of the Shiites; otherwise, I will make sure that my actions in propagating against the Shiites are true, and when I return As much as I can, I advertise against Shiites and you with my poems”!

When I entered the mosque, I met a person who happened to talk to me about Shiite beliefs and answered some of my questions.

Then we went with them to the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (s.a). We went to Fayzia Madrasa to perform prayers. The imam that we imitated was Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Ali Panah Eshtehardi, who passed away between prayer, Maghrib and Isha, and while prostrating.

This incident had a deep impact on my spirit and I found it to be the same sign that I had asked from the Imam of the Time (a.s).

After that, instead of propagandizing and writing poetry against Shiites, I researched the school of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon him) and finally converted to Shiism in the same year 2006.