Tuhaf Al Uqoul


Tuhaf Al Uqoul

Author: Ibn Shuba Al-Harrani

Translator(s): Badr Shahin

Categories: Theological library



PDF: Tuhaf Al Uqoul

Tuhaf al-Uqul (Arabic: تُحَفُ العُقول في ما جاءَ مِنَ الحِکَمِ وَ المَواعِظَ مِن آلِ الرَّسول) (the masterpieces of the mind) is a hadith book written by Abu Mohammed al-Hasan bin Ali bin al-Husain bin Shu’ba al-Harrani. He is one of the Shia Islam scholars in the fourth century of Hijrah. The author aimed to collect hadiths transmitted from Ahl al-Bayt (a) and divine prophets concerning sermons, preaches, aphorisms, and wisdoms.
The author has devoted a separate chapter to the sayings of the Prophet (s) and those of Shi’a Imams (a). In the last chapters of the books, sermons of past prophets are cited.
In the book, longer hadiths are cited at first, and shorter hadiths are cited at the end of each section. For the sake of brevity, the author refrained from mentioning the chains of the transmitters of hadiths.