Young Dutch Christian has converted to Islam and became Shia Muslim


Islam is an everlasting and permanent religion and Quran is a book superior to the Gospel and Torah.

Torah and Gospel have been distorted throughout history but Holy Quran is the original divine words and everlasting despite passage of centuries.

‘So, we believe that Islam is the most complete religion and the word of God in Quran is a permanent principle.’

Noting that any person claiming Islam might be or not to be Islam.

‘Today, instances of true Islam can be observed in Iran and certain Muslim countries. But, certain people like Takfiri and Daesh terrorist groups claim to hold belief in Islam, while they are not close to Islam.’

Takfiri and Daesh terrorist groups claim that their acts and crimes are inspired by Islam, the truth is that are telling lie. The reality of Islam should be found in its main patterns, including the school of thought of the Great Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his infallible household as well as his followers.

Meanwhile, the Dutch Muslim said he had been encouraged by Muslims in his country to travel to Muslim countries like Iran to find out realities and truth of Islam.

He said two years ago he visited Iran and since then his ideas on Islam and Muslims changed, realizing that Shia Muslims are kinder than followers of other Islamic schools of thought.

‘Eventually, studying and making research, I converted to holy religion of Islam.’

Asked why he preferred Islam, he said when he was a Christian, he was not a committed individual but having seen unity among Muslims and having visited Iran and seeing lifestyle of Muslims, especially Shia Muslims, he felt peace of mind and interested in Islam.