Rafaeli, new Brazilian Muslim “Islam is the best religion ever sent by God”


A Brazilian lady converted to Islam and become a Shiite, on the eve of Sayyida Zahra’s (S) birthday anniversary at the Razavi Holy Shrine.

Attending at the office of non-Iranian pilgrims’ management of Astan Quds Razavi, Rafaeli, new Brazilian Muslim, announced her will for converting to Islam. She converted to Islam after reciting twin formulae of faith.

Following her conversion into Islam and about her motive she said, “Many people follow some religions other than Islam. These people become, enjoying the grace and favor of God, fully familiar with the right Islamic sect of Shiites”.

This new Muslim lady added, “Observing negative propagations against Islam and Muslim community, I researched and studied on Islam and Shiites with plenty of curiosity and finally decided to convert to Islam”.

Rafaeli said, “It’s only Islam and Shiism which does not compromise with oppression and it is always ready to fight against imperialism”.

She stated, “Religion must respond many of my inner and deep concerns and it must have the capability to answer my questions. These needs were never met by my previous religion, however”.

“I became familiar with Islam through the “Islamic Center of Imam Hussein (A.S.)” in Rio city. This center which is one of the anti-Zionist institutes impressed my thinking and religious beliefs a lot”, she said.

This new Muslim lady stressed, “Islam is the best religion ever sent by God and following its rules and orders will direct the man toward real salvation”.

Referring to her interest in Shiism and love toward Imam Ali (A.S.) and Imam Hussein (A.S.), she continued, “Affection and love toward the household of the Apostle of God (S.A.W.) and the holy status of Imam Hussein (A.S.) has penetrated into the hearts of not only Shiite Muslims but also all broadminded people”.

“Family is very important and sacred in Islam and Iran and it has a very high position. This preserved structure and this extent of importance to family is very interesting for me”, she stated.

She went on, “Anti-imperialism thinking is wide spreading in Latin America while western developed countries are trying to make other nations and countries as their colonies though maintaining the economic and financial dependencies”.

Referring to the degree of importance given to women in Islam, the chief of Astan Quds Razavi’s office of non-Iranian pilgrims said, “Women have got a very high status in Islam and their position is very much respected by Islam”.

Muhammad Reza Rezaei said, “Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.) is the best model for the world women and Allah has descended a Surah, for this noble lady, known as Kousar. Your conversion to Islam on the eve of this noble lady’s birth anniversary is very much welcomed”.

He added, “Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) exalted the social position of women and introduced Hazrat Zahra (S.A.) as a very good model to the world”.

It’s worth mentioning that, a copy of holy Qur’an in Spanish, some books on Islam, and some other cultural gifts were awarded to this Muslim convert at the end of this ceremony.

Source: abna24.com