When We started our walking from Najaf Ashraf to Karbala, I saw nothing but beauty

American Muslim woman Samira Kammer attended the walking from Najaf to Karbala

She was born into a Christian family in the America.

The newly converted American Christian lady, Samira Kammer in the mosque of Jamkaran Mosque said: “I was very interested in reading books since I was a teenager, and my mother bought me books for different occasions and my best gift was books.”

She states her life story: Since then, I have always tried to increase my religious studies and many times I had many questions about Christianity that I couldn’t find a convincing answer to and it was always a question for me “how God could have a son?” until I got to know Islam and the Shiite school.

Samira Kammer recounts her feelings through walking to karbala with the black headband of Ya Mahdi: It was very difficult for me to reach this road until we reached Najaf, but when We started our move from Najaf Ashraf to Karbala I saw nothing but beauty. Unfortunately, this massive stream of Arbaeen, where millions of Shiites are present, is boycott by European and American television and media networks, because they know if they portray this love and devotion to Sayyid al-Shohada (a.s), There are definitely many questions will come in the minds of other religions regarding the Arbaeen and Ashura events and the love of Imam Hussein (a.s) will conquer many hearts.