Siro Cardinalie A Christian converts to Shia Islam in the Razavi Holy Shrine

A catholic Christian from Portugal converted to Shi’ite Islam in a ceremony in the Razavi Holy Shrine

Attending in the Management Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi, Siro Cardinalie uttering the testimonies of faith converted to Islam from Christianity.

At the beginning of the ceremony held by presence of Non-Iranian Pilgrims of Astan Quds Razavi director and a number of religious experts of the Holy Shrine, Hujjat al-Islam Farimaneh offered some explanations about Islam and Shi’ite sect to the newly Muslim convert.

Concerning his motivation in converting to Islam, the Muslim convert said, “After years of investigation and studying, I realized that Islam is the realign of kindness and affection that calls everybody to peace and brotherhood. Islam is a religion that has conclusive program for all individual and social aspects of man.”

“The reception of Shi’ite Islam by people of other countries indicates the extreme efficiency and perfection of this realign and Qur’an”, he remarked.

As a M.A. student of art, he said, “As I study in art, I decided to make familiar closely with the rich culture and art of Iranian people, so I traveled to Iran.”

“Iranians are cultured and kind people and the culture of respecting the elderly in this country really influenced me.”

“Iranian art is one of the richest artistic heritages of the world that includes many disciplines such as architecture, painting, music, calligraphy, pottery, weaving, etc.”, he pointed out.

Recounting his living in Iran in recent years as a reason of his conversion, Cardinalie added, “My stay in Iran and learning the rituals and manners of Shi’ite in this country caused that I study about this religion and my motivation for accepting Islam increased.”

“My former religion was Catholic Christianity but I was unable to make communication with it so I was seeking for a realign that might direct me to the right way.

Islam is different drastically with Christianity, and I found out that Islam and especially the Shi’ite is the most perfect realign in the world”, he asserted.

It is notable that at the end of the ceremony, one volume of holy Qur’an in Spanish besides several books was donated to the Muslim convert.

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