Fazlu al-Shia Ala al-Ummah Fi Hifz ul-Quran va al-Enayah beh (فضل الشيعة على الأمة في حفظ القرآن والعناية به)


فضل الشيعة على الأمة في حفظ القرآن والعناية به

قراءته ـ تشكيله ـ تنقيطه ـ تفسيره

Author: Marwan Khalifat

Publication of the Enlightened to Shia Islam Centre

Language: Arabic

A look at the contents of this book:

This book has been written by the esteemed author Mr. Marwan Khalifat which has been converted to Shia. In this book, the author deals with the Qur’anic-Belief subject. He has proved that the Shias have been superior to the entire ummah in memorizing, reciting, collecting, pointing and interpreting the Holy Quran and no Islamic religion has served to the Qur’an in such a way.