I think all leaders, in all countries, should adapt to [Imam] Ali’s behaviour and attitudes “Adam Mahdi (Sorenson)”

First of all, please tell about yourself.

My name is Adam Mahdi (Sorenson), and I come from Denmark.

Please tell us about your previous religion, before converting to Islam!

I used to believe in Allah (the God), when I was seven years old, but I was in Denmark and I was Christian Protestsn.

When and how did your journey to Islam begin?

When I was young I wanted a son, and when I was 22, I got a son and when I was39; he moved away from home and I decide the best way to search for the truth while getting rid of my early positions, so I was absolutely free.

In Denmark religion is pretty much to taken as a personal matter. It is not a concern of a family and it is not a concern of the state, and I am the same person.

But when I lived in Denmark I decided to go to five major civilizations. And I have been in Egypt and Iran so far. I made a long stop in Egypt where I was reading Quran and books about Islam. I talked to Shiite doctors in Islam, The Sunnis, they were so strict to the Quran.

I could understand it was not possible for me to become Sunni.

What happened in Iran?

When I came to Iran, I happened by chance to come to Isfahan, and here I met [Ayatollah] Mirdamadi, I wanted to talk to a mola about Shia Muslim and here I found a space, I needed, for interpretation of the Quran. When I was in Egypt they only spoke about Prophet Mohammad and the Quran. But coming to Iran has been wonderful to learn about Ali(AS). I was especially fascinated by the fact that while he was the khalifah [but] left a very humble life and would been visiting the bottom of the society in this guys to see the depth of his society and I think all leaders, in all countries, should adapt to [Imam] Ali’s behaviour and attitudes.

If you want to say some words about Islam, the peace, what do you say?

The Story of the religion about [Imam] Mahdi (AS) is very very much and it has deepened in all human that we would be in a nice place, where everybody would be happy and be nice to each other, and that would be peace and harmony and love all over the world, and we all have this dream, we would have this place to live and don’t have to worry so much.

Adam was astonished at Imam Ali’s Justice and it took us more than 2 or 3 hours to talk about his justice and while talking, 3 times, he brought tears to my eyes, I mean, he acts as a preacher or threnodist and I became a listener and mourned for his passing.

Adam (Lennart Petersonsen) finally embrace Islam in 2004.


Ref.: rahyafteha.ir