Ammar Amiri, an Iranian Reborn: I saw that the Shiite brothers were thinking about peace and purity


My most important question was that when we go on a journey, we leave someone to take care of our family, then how come the Prophet did not appoint anyone in his place?

  • Please introduce yourself

I am Ammar Amiri (born 1989) from Nikshahr-Iran.

  • What happened that made you research the Shia religion?

Before I converted to Shiism, I hated Shiites to such an extent that I did not even pass in front of their mosque. Many factors caused this hatred, including friends and books that were brought to us from Saudi Arabia.

When I migrated to Tehran due to work issues and started working there, I had to live with Shiites. After spending some time in Tehran, my mind was occupied with the thought that what is the difference between Shiites and Sunnis, that Wahhabis and some Sunnis are so hostile to Shiites? This issue made me read some books and research scholars.

My biggest question was how do we leave someone to take care of our family when we travel by ourselves. Or a teacher leaves a substitute when he goes somewhere. How come the Prophet did not appoint anyone in his place?

Unfortunately, in my research, I found that the Sunnis exalt Umar and the Companions, but on the other hand, they exalt the Prophet (an example of this is given in Bukhari in the stories narrated by Aisha).

After some time passed from my research, I came to the conclusion that Shia school is right. I saw that the Shia brothers are not at all what I thought. Unlike Wahhabis, who were thinking of exploding and killing Shiites, Shiites were thinking of peace.

My conscience was awakened that why crying for Imam Hussain, who was martyred for us so that we can live as human beings, or crying for Hazrat Zahra, who suffered so much oppression, is polytheism and haram? Don’t we cry for our relatives and friends?! Well, Shiites also cry for their closest and most beloved person.

  • How did the people who were in the Tablighi congregation or the books sent from Saudi Arabia make you disgusted with the Shiites?

A long time ago, a book was sent to me from Saudi Arabia, the text of which contradicted its title. The name of the book was “Muhammad Rasoolullah”, but a significant part of it was related to Jihad. They wanted to instill in the minds of the audience that whenever we have something to do, you should be at our service.

Or there was a book called “knowing of God” which also wanted to say that we are on the right path and Shi’a are infidels and apostates. They considered themselves to be the right path and said about the Shiites that they are polytheists and idolaters and anyone who is in contact with the Shiites has left Islam.

  • What books have you read since you started researching?

I met with those who had the ability to answer religious doubts. I also read books such as the works of Dr. Tijani, Knowledge of Imamat, Peshawar Nights, etc.

  • When did you decide to join the school of Ahl al-Bayt School?

In 2015, I became proud to choose the right path for my life.

At first I didn’t announced my conversion to Shia, but little by little they noticed my change of religion from my behavior. They deprived me of life for about a year and put me in crisis.

Some people, due to the influence of satellite channels, even though they were hesitant about my conversion to Shia and were still not sure, but they considered me a polytheist.

But on the other hand, after I became a Shia, I was able to make a good impression on my friends and relatives. I would give them my books and tell them what I knew.

At the end, I would like to say that if it is possible, we should take friends and young people on pilgrimages. Because these ceremonies are very effective for them.