One of the prominent figures in Europe in the field of microbiology has converted to Shia Islam in Karaj, Iran.


Professor Roderick Agortman converted to Shia islam in one of the mosques in Karaj, Iran and chose the name “Ali” for himself.

German Professor Converts to Islam

Professor Roderick Agortman is a prominent figure in Europe who teaches Economics and has a huge microbiology laboratory in Switzerland.

He said: since college I was familiar with Muslims and Iranians and this made me study about Islam.

He is going to show the world that the true Islam is different from what others try to show.

Before conversion he had studied Holy Quran 3 times completely and has accepted Islam wholeheartedly.

He commented on his name “Ali” saying: since yesterday one Hazrat Zaynab’s birthday I decided to choose her father’s name as my new name.

He also met the prayers leader of the mosque and received gifts from him.