Interview with Hussein Morley, founder of Husseiniyah AL-Mahdi in Italy


Hossein al-Mahdi Rome is the only major Shia center in Europe. Marco Morley is one of the founder of the center and Shia activists in Italy, which at the age of 30, he was able to bring Shias of different nationalities together. Marco says this Husseiniyah is a corner of Rome’s big city that has brightened the hopes of those few. Their hopes and wishes is that the teachings of the Ahlul- Bayt will touch their hearts.

We have many activities here and we formed a translation team which translate numerous books into Italian for different audiences, children, non-Muslim and Muslim families. These books are mainly works by prominent Shia scholars who have been identified as essential and important to Italian society. Of course, we have a website that is constantly updated and publishing news and articles about Islam and Shia in Italy and elsewhere. It also hosts important ceremonies such as Muharram, Ramadan and weekly ceremonies such as prayer, doaa Komeil (دعای کمیل), and congregational prayer and the Holy Quran held at this center.

One of the things that impresses me most and I am very sensitive about is the issue of martyrs. Martyrs who were martyred on the right path and led by Imam Khomeini. In fact, they are victorious and prosperous. They are the ones chosen by God to testify in His own way. This is an issue that has affected me, especially in Iran and Lebanon, where there is a close relationship between the people and the martyrs. This is something that is evident in, for example, Behesht e Zahra (بهشت زهرا) and is palpable. The environment, the atmosphere and the smell are unique there. Anyone with a little emotion can understand this space, Martyrs who are close to God. It can be said that they are always alive and not forgotten.

If I want to say Which one of the Imams I love the more, it is very difficult to say that, can’t be differentiate, we love all of them equally, However, it is possible that we may have a closer relationship with one of the imams which we remember and call one of the Imams more. For me, Imam Hussein is an imam which I am very close to him.

The purpose of man is to discover and attain the facts. He is always trying to get on the path to that. That feeling started in me when I was very young. In fact, when I joined the community, I tried without letting surroundings and thoughts influence me, discover the facts and investigate them. It helped me a lot to reach to Islam and Shia.

At present, one of the characteristics of the Shia is the sacred existence of Imam Zaman (a.t.f.s). Contrary to the opinion of many people who do not believe in him, we believe he is present in society and if we can’t see him, it’s actually a problem of our own and it comes back to our hearts.