Imam Hussain’s story influenced Sukayna (Claudia)’s life and was a turning point


Imam Hussain’s story influenced Sukayna’s life and was a turning point. “Imam Hussain’s story was very exciting for me. I wished to know about his family and his relationship to God and this made me search about him”. Sukayna says that the special feature of the story of Imam Hussain (AS) made her become a Muslim.

The imam’s inseparable bond with his family and his emotional life have been interesting for Sakina. She says, by the way, the connection between Abu Abda… (pbuh) and God has made Ashura last after many years. The research about Islam took three years to the point where, after knowin about Imam Hussain, Claudia officially became a Muslim and changed her name to Sukayna.

A 32 year old Christian Italian girl has chosen Islam. Her journey started 7 years ago when she was a religious studies student in his country. Claudia now Sukayna, says that she had studied about different religions for her courses, but she was encouraged to study about Islam when her Christian professor talked about Imam Ali (a.s).


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