Niki Harman (Fatima), a new Muslim from the Netherlands: The most beautiful thing I saw in Islam was the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s).


When I started to learn and study about Shia, I felt uncomfortable and hesitant about what I believed. I asked God to guide me and show me the truth, until one night I had a dream about the appearance of Imam Zaman (a.s), which changed me a lot, although I couldn’t understand anything except his name, but I was very confused. With God’s help that night, I understood where and how to start and the way was clear for me

It was a bit difficult for me to wear hijab for the first time. People in the street told me that hijab is a bad thing and they forbade me, but thank God, when I became a Muslim, I convinced them by speaking that hijab does not restrict me, but it makes me safe from harm and harassment in the street. Of course, many people in the Netherlands are afraid of hijab and do not accept it.

People like to see themselves in the mirror before they leave the house. But when we come out wearing hijab, we feel that God is pleased with our appearance. The pride of Shiites is that they are freed from the shackles of this world and are under God’s protection and security, that’s why God forgives our sins. God has placed Ahl al-Bayt and Imams (peace be upon them) along with Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra (s.a) to guide us and make us proud.