Converted to Shia Islam – Sheikh Jehad Ismail


Sheikh Jehad is a Kuwaiti born cleric who had studied in Al Azhar for a long period before looking in to the Madhab of Ahlul Bayt. His father once met with Ayatollah Kashef Al Ghitaa, and this incident inspired Jehad to look further into the Shia school. Eventually he converted and went to Iran to complete his religious education.

Jehad Ismail

Sheikh Jehad Muhammad Wassef Ismail, is a man of great spirituality, who has dedicated his whole life to serving Allah (sw) and to helping our Muslim community especially the youth. He is a man of great caliber and a true man of god. He is firm and strong in the way of Allah, and is always forgiving. The Main goal of His Eminence since he completed his Hawza studies was to care for the youth and to give them the best Islamic education so they can develop spiritually.

He has recited, lectured and has attended many conferences throughout the world including United States, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Dubai, Africa and many more.

He was born in Kuwait in 1964 to two Muslim, Lebanese Parents. He Lived in Kuwait until he was 14 years old.

In 1978, migrated to Australia with his family. He finished his High School studies and joined the University of Western Sydney. Completed a BA degree in Interpreting and Translation in the late 80’s.

He Decided to go and pursue his religious education, and chose Al-Azhar university, Egypt, as his place of studies, having been born to Sunni parents. After graduating from the faculty of Da’wah and Usool he came back to Australia and began his Islamic Propagation work.

He was always interested in the Shia School of Thought mainly through the influence of his late father who had met the late Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Aal-Kashef Al-Ghataa, who was the Grand Mar’je of the Shia world at the time. After reading so much literature about the Shia School of Thought, he decided to convert. Then went to Qum, Iran, to modify his religious studies according to the Shia School of Thought.

He held a number of positions within the Muslim community. He was the Religious Director of Nabi Akram Centre in Granville for ten years and Imam Hasan Centre in Annangrove for 3 years. He currently runs English classes at Al Mahdi Islamic Centre in Campbelltown

He is married with 9 children, 7 girls & 2 boys.

He also held a number of government and non-government positions, the main one being an official government Interpreter/Translator in the Australian court system.

He was the Head of the Arabic and Islamic Studies dept. at Al-Zahra Islamic College, Sydney.

He was recently appointed in an honorary position the NSW Police Chaplain for Muslim Police officers in the state of NSW.

He is a frequent traveler, both nationally and internationally, to propagate the teachings of Islam. He has attended a number of international conferences and Islamic camps to represent the Australian Muslim Community.

He has also edited and translated a number of Islamic books.

He also sits on the Advisory board of Taqwa Media.