Luigi De Martino Converted to Shia Islam and changed his name to Ammar


Born in 1937 in Italy, Luigi De Martino was an Evangelist preacher in his youth. But the evangelical advocacy of the American lifestyle made him turn away from them.

As a critic of Capitalism and Communism, he was enthralled by a man who led a revolution in the name of God and only for His sake.

In 1983, he converted to Shia Islam, changing his name to Ammar, and started publishing a magazine called “The Pure Islam”, which was distributed all over Italy.

With the increasing number of converts, he founded the first Shia institution in Italy, called “the Islamic Association of Ahl al-Bayt”.

After many years of earnest endeavor for the sake of Ahl al-Bayt, Ammar De Martino finally passed away in 2019.