Because of your good behavior and the truth of Islam, I want to become a Muslim by you


For many years, I used to go from Qom to Tehran on Thursday nights to advertise. On the way to the place where the meeting was held, there were many shopkeepers, I greeted them warmly every week.

One day a person named Mr. Nejat Zehavidan came to me and said:

I was one of the shopkeepers who greeted me every week, but I was not a Muslim and I believed in Judaism, but because of your kindness and the truth of Islam, I want to convert to Islam.

This person became a Muslim and changed his name to Muhammad Ali Ahmadi, and since he had no children, he also gave me all his property. And after one or two months he became a Muslim, he passed away.

I also put this person’s house in the loan fund of the Fatimieh Unity, which is still standing.

According to the great Ayatollah of the Shiite world, Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani