Converted to Shia Islam – Sharifa Paseh


Our true doctors are the Infallible AhlulBayt (AS)

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Sharifa Paseh, and I am from Bandar-e Jask (Iran). I used to be a Hanafi Sunni and I have converted to Shia Islam for many years. My husband was a Shiite and he always talked to me about religious issues and always emphasized that you are under no obligation to do anything, I just want you to think about what I say. He used to explain the story of Hazrat Zahra and Imam Hussein (AS) and so on.

In a word, what made you become a Shia?

A number of factors: first, the words of my husband, second, the pilgrimage to the shrine of Bibi Masooma, peace be upon Her, as well as of course, the Dua Tawassul on that night, which really so greatly impressed me.

Tell us a summary of your life, please.

I had severe kidney pain for some time, so intense was the pain that I sometimes fainted. But we really could not afford the treatment. My husband always said that just as soon as I can afford, I would definitely make arrangements for your treatment. “I want to take you to the true doctors,” he said. “Our true doctors are the Infallible AhlulBayt,” he said.

After a while, my illness worsened and I had to be hospitalized in one of the hospitals in Hormozgan. Then a beneficent person suggested to pay for my treatment and I was transferred to Tehran.

My husband said, “Now that we are going to Tehran, and there is a short distance from Tehran to Qom, what do you say about going to Qom on the way to pay a visit to the holy shrine of Bibi Masouma, peace be upon her?”

I agreed and we had a journey to Qom.

We stayed in a motel right in front of the shrine; from there I watched the holy shrine. Suddenly I found my eyes filled with tears, while I had not even stepped into that holy place yet and was only watching from the outside. The remarkable thing is that I had also never ever been to any shrine before.

My husband and I entered the holy shrine and I walked slowly towards the holy shrine until I stood in front of it.

I can’t explain my feelings then. I just found my hands and the shrine intertwined.

I did not feel the time passing at all. I felt really calm. After doing the pilgrimage, I prayed and left the shrine.

The next day, we went to Tehran and I was hospitalized. My doctor was a skilled physician and really kind. He said that he would pay for all my treatment and told me not to worry at all!

But one of nights I spent in the hospital is particularly memorable to me! I was having a rest in my room on a Wednesday night, when one of the roommates started to recite Dua Tawassul. I really enjoyed hearing the sound of those words and felt like never before. And she recited so delightfully, too! Even the nurses and medical staff of the ward came to the room to listen to the Dua Tawassul.

I was astounded by the verses of the Dua Tawassul and found it really pleasant and delightful.