Sheikh Hassan Shehatah


The Allamah Shekh Hassan Shehate was born in Egypt 1946 in a family flowing the shafiyy doctrine. He was raised in a religious environment. He started acquiring the Religious knowledge at a very young age. His father sent him to Quran class when he was four years old. He memorized the Holy Quran by heart with tartil (reading correctly with tajwid rules) when he was five years & six months old. Then he joined Al-Azhar in Egypt & studied many fields of knowledge.

He majored in Shafiyy fiqh & Science of the holy Quran. He earned his Master’s degree in Science of Explanation of the Quran. He is also an authority in the Fiqh and Usul of the other three doctrine’s: Maliki, Hanafi & Hanbali.

Sheikh Hassan was considered as a Sunni learned man & Quran scholar. Sheikh Hassan started giving Juma preach since he was thirteen year’s old. In 1973 he became a preacher of Egyptian army beside his other duties as an Imam of mosque & teacher. He had a weekly TV program. Sheikh Hassan was known as a honest person so he used to fustigate the contradiction’s, mistake’s & myth’s in the Sunnism creed & propagate to mildness & prudence.

Sheikh Hassan conversion to Shiism began in 1994 when he saw prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) in a real vision in his dream & ordered him to follow Imam Ali (a.s) & he saw Abu baker & Omar in a shape of dog standing far away of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) & Imam Ali (a.s) , after that vision Sheikh Hassan realized that is a message from the holy prophet(s.a.w.a) so he took it seriously & investigate in the history & start a deep research’s in Sunnism & Shiism creed & compare the both sides evidences. In 1996, Sheikh Hassan announced that he convert to Shiism & declared the truth through on TV & after that he challenged Al-Azhar chief (shekh Dr. Tantawi) & sunni’s scholars to a debate broadcast live through TV to prove for the people the truth & challenge them to gather all of them in one place to pray to God to condemn the liars if they disagree in the debate to prove who is on the right path, but they reject this challenge & sent Sheikh Hassan to jail for nine months because hundred thousands of Egyptian Sunnis convert to Shiism & there was no way for the sunnis scholars to prevent & control the fast expand for Shiism creed in Egypt except to keep shekh Hassan away of the people. After Sheikh Hassan got out of the jail, they exiled him for some time.

There are many reasons that led to Sheikh Hassans conversion to Shiism True Islam besides his dream (vision). Because Sheikh Hassan from the beginning were disagreed with many sunniest principles & not really convinced by sunnism creed because of the contradiction & the mistiness in sunnism creed such as there is no authentic source for the hadiths in sunnism creed because most of hadith’s in Sunnism book’s narrate through liars such as abu Hurayra & Abu Hurayra acknowledged by him self that he is a liar [ sahih Albukhari ] & Imam Ali (a.s) announced that Abu Hurayra is the biggest liar [ Nahjul-balagha ] & sahih Albukhari plus the other hadith books narrate hadiths through the enemys of Ahl albayt (a.s) such as Umran ibn Hatan & narrate through hypocrites such as the jewish rabbi Kaab Alahbaar & the sunnis accept the narration of this people while they reject most of the hadiths narrated through Ahl albayt (a.s), Sunnism tafseer (Explanation of the Quran ) it’s really contradictive & many verses are mystical for them & cannot find an explanation for it & many verses has been explained wrong on purpose to cover the facts & Shekh Hassan realized that because he were expert in Quran & one of the greatest sunnis scholars , other reason for his conversion is fiqh (Jurisprudence) because Sunnism fiqh is really contradictive & sometimes it’s against Quran & hadith such as Imam Alshafiyy allow for the man to marry his daughter of adultery & Imam Malik allowed for the mans to have sex with each other if they in a long travel (buggery) & Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal allowed for the womans to breast feed adult foreigner mans ( adults breast feeding ) & Imam Abo Hanifa allowed incest….etc

Today shekh Hassan is a renown Shiite scholar in Egypt & spends most of his time in teaching his students Ahl albayt (a.s) science & propagate to Shiism