Arthur Lazdinsh: Foreign media never show the true face of Islam and always try to disregard the realities of this religion

oincident with the eve of the martyrdom of the ninth Imam of the Shi’ites, Imam Jawad (A.S.), a young Ukrainian, beside the Illuminated Razavi Shrine converted to Islam.

Arthur Lazdinsh, a 27-year-old Ukrainian who was previously a Catholic Christian, attending the Razavi Holy Shrine and declaring his faith, chose the Shiism religion.

“Before meeting my wife’s family, I did not know about Islam and with regard to the misleading propaganda of the Western media, I was not interested to know this religion; however, this familiarity caused me to change my opinion about Islam” he said on his acquaintance with Islam.

Arthur, emphasizing that foreign media never show the true face of Islam and always try to disregard the realities of this religion, said, “After becoming more familiar with Muslims and their actions and behavior, the attraction of this religion became more and more to me, and my inner sense inspired me to know more.”

“Various nationalities living in a variety of customs live there, but none of these religions had the effect such as Islam on me” he, who is the manager of a Dubai-based restaurant in the UAE stated.

“What I saw in Dubai was not the real Islam, and some people exaggerated in this religion and they were far from the real Islam” said the newly Muslim, mentioning Islam as a religion of balance.

“My wife, who is one of the children of the Prophet’s family (S.A.W.), talking to me about Shi’ite religion made me very fond of the Infallible Imams (A.S.)” he stated.

It should be mentioned, at the end of the ceremony, by Astan Quds Razavi Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office, which provided the grounds for this attendance, an exquisite multilingual Quran volume and spiritual gifts were bestowed to this young newly Muslim.