Jason Russian young man: I am trying to increase my knowledge of Islam

Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine has observed a ritual arranged by Astan Quds Razavi’s Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs Office, for a Russian man to convert to Islam.

Jason, director of the Russian Addiction Rehabilitation Center said: “Since spiritual psychotherapy is one way to treat addiction, therefore I needed to study Islam to be able to treat some of our addicted youth.”

He added: “Through my studies and discussions that I have done for several months about Islam and Muslims, it has become clear to me that the issues raised in Islam are close to nature, and I have found the answer to many questions that I was searching for in Islam.”

Expressing that the good behavior of Muslims together and their adherence to worship and prayers made him more determined to accept Islam, the newly converted young Muslim said: “I consulted with a Muslim friend about my conversion and he suggested the shrine city of Mashhad for the purpose.”

Jason went on to say: “The doors of God’s Mercy have been opened on me today, and I have come to know the pure and true religion that shows me the right way to live. I am trying to increase my knowledge of Islam in order to become more aware of its truth.”

The ceremony was held at AQR’s Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs Office and the young Muslim was presented with an exquisite version of Quran in Russian language, some religious books and a number of cultural gifts.