catherine shakdam


catherine shakdam

Categories: Autobiographies of converts(of those converted to Shiaism)


A summary of catherine shakdam’s life in an interview with her:

Converting to religion of Islam, specially school of Shia, despite the unrelenting and poisonous propaganda of the West against the noble religion of Islam, especially after the events of September 11th, It has always been interesting to the Iranian people. Can you tell us what fascinating factor you found in this religion? What caused you to leave your previous religion and accept the religion of Islam and Shia school?

Although my family was known as Catholic, but my parents never paid any attention to religion. This led me to look at the religion of Christianity with a superficial look, without any tangible and real meaning, because the people which follow this religion, they felt themselves to be distant and far removed from the beliefs. I must also confess that none of the teachings given to me by the Christian religion, did not respond to any of my questions.

I accidentally met Islam through my friends at the university. The certainty that they had about Islam made me to read the Qur’an. I have to say that no verse has reflected the truth more than the verse of sura al-Fatiha (سوره الفاتحه) of the Quranic verses. In that few verses, I have literally found my spiritual backing. Easier to say, I felt invited to a familiar environment and a house (Islam), and I have no choice except to follow. Of course this was the beginning of my journey. Months of research, internal review, thinking about values ​​and motivations, and study were needed so that I could truly commit myself to Islam. If I want to really honestly speak, I must say that the moment I took the Qur’an on my hand, I knew that my life did not belong to me anymore.

I was lucky on my journey to the Islam, I had the opportunity and space to find my way. None of my friends did not contaminated my thoughts with Disagreement and Splits Which has hit the Muslim world with many disasters. Instead, this made it possible for me to come to terms with conclusions.

While immersed in the history of Islam, I felt that a great oppression was committed against the Ahl al-Bayt of Prophet.

At this point, you should know that my research was too limited to Sunni’s literature and texts. While I became aware of the period that most of western historians refer it as the “Four Right Caliphs” era, I felt that a matter was missing; that connection loop has been broken somewhere between the departure of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) and the appointment of Abu Bakr, and Islam has fallen into a flag that the power-seeking men with it (the flag) were looking for obey (others from themselves). It was when I shared my thoughts with one of my friends, he smiled and gave me a book about the tragedy of Karbala.

I must say with all the studies and researches that I have done until then, ultimately it was only this book that could put everything in its place and Depict in the form of a landscape. Until that moment, Islam has not yet been revealed to me, although I believed that the verses (Quran) were the words of God, but this connection loop which brings believe to absolute certainty, was not achieved yet for me. Through Imam Hussein (a.s), I understood what the meaning of Islam is. Because of his courage, his compassion for humanity, and his piety and unique loyalty, finally, I could understand what is the true meaning of the Shahadatain (شهادتین) of Islam.

Anger and hatred against those who took arms against the Ahl al-Bayt never left me. This was my love to them which made me embrace Islam and the true traditions of the Prophet (s.a.w.w) with open arms.

In my opinion, despite all the rationality of the Qur’an and the scientific treasure hidden in the hadiths, although I learned from beginning that people should be cautious about the contents of the reading and literature, these were the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s) who spoke to me in best possible way. If my mind believed that Islam was the religion of truth, it was my heart that made me change the religion. If it was not because of our Imams (a.s), perhaps I never understood the beauty of security that man is in the consciousness that his/her piety and continence are connected to some place that God has commanded. After that, the choice between Shia or Sunni was never an option for me. As far as I knew, there was only one way, and that was allegiance to Ghadir and complete the religion. For me, being a Muslim means to be a Shia of Imam Ali (a.s). Otherwise, the belief and faith of man is not complete.

God has commanded us to follow the Quran and the Ahlul-Bayt (a.s). why we should split whatever God has completed and continue to claim unity in religion? If Shia Islam was supposed to be summarized, I would say that Shi’a Islam is an invitation to right, compassion and justice. How can anyone not hear the shouting of Imam Hussein (a.s) when he said, is there anyone who can help me? How could anyone ever challenge the authority of God that has given to the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s)?

I believe that today it is our duty to publish this message so that once again we will find an alliance between us, otherwise, many of those who have changed religion will remain uncertain without guidance.


According to the Minister of the Cultural Heritage, crafts and tourism, 99% of tourists who have traveled to Iran, after returning to their countries, in an interview with the press and local media, speak positively to their experience in Iran; Something out of a deep gap Between what they heard about Iran in their countries and what they have practically experienced in Iran. We know you have traveled to Iran four times already, how was your first journey to Iran?

Iran is a beautiful country. It is much prettier than what the West wants to give it a score and score and Iranian foods, excellent and masterpiece. I have traveled to Iran several times and every time I come back to Iran, I feel that I have returned to my homeland. About this sense of belonging that happen when someone enter to Iran, a special matter is satisfactory for me. As a Shia Muslim, I am no longer a minority in Iran. I am no longer concerned about what people will think about me, or whether my beliefs make that happen they be angry from me or not.

And personally traveling to Iran for me, it was a journey to the land that was witnessed the epiphany of Velayat-e faqih (ولایت فقیه). The Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 did not change only one regime; this revolution, returns Shiite Islam to the heart of the Muslim world and presented to millions of Muslims a place that beyond geography and all political customs and traditions, they call it home. When I received an invitation to attend the Palestine Conference, you can Just imagine how I was excited. In my first journey to Iran, in a few steps I stood beside Ayatollah Khamenei. After that, all of the other issues became non-significant detail.

The second journey to Iran led to an interview with Seyed Ibrahim Reisi. Iran has been blessed for me. with a million different ways and all that I see now is a nation which I am deeply grateful for that, courage people and the kindness that makes me wonder, and a culture that has a deep root in history, so that we all should feel proud to look at it.

There is glorious beauty in Iran; the true beauty of Iran is not just in architecture or landscape, but it is in the people of this land. Of course, Iran has a lot to words in terms of tourism and this is my wish that more people will spend time for exploring and Surveying the many different cities.


In one of the recent articles, you talk about the end of the American empire and in fact, you have reflected on Chalmers Johnson’s concerns about his book “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic”. He believed that this “military complex -industrial-congress” or the “shadow government” which in order to advance the interests of the profiteers of war and Weapons industry, continuously fighting. Of course, Britain has been very involved in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in almost all of the recent wars and military adventures in the Middle East. May you explain to our readers; do you have a similar “military complex -industrial-congress” in your country?

I live in the UK, so I am familiar with the “military complex -industrial-congress “. British foreign policy was formulated on the basis of the principles of the same complex. Nowadays, it is not impossible to understand that warfare has become a goal that Western powers are seeking. The warfare has become the expressing will, foundation of philosophy, and one of their fixed elements of socio-political realities.

Nowadays west is in state of, the West is in a state of hatred and fear from that unattainable “enemies” which governments have created to justify their military intervention.

I think it was Lenin who warned that imperialism will actually be the last face of unbridled capitalism. What we see nowadays is exactly the same, the last military cries and shouts which is rooted in greed and brutality.

Wars have created the possibility that particular elites will make billions and billions of dollars. Of course, these elites will be determined to create more wars and violence to finish their thirst. Apart from this, it is stupid to think.


Let’s look at some of the ongoing issues that are currently affecting the Middle East. You mentioned that the United States is not one of those empires that in the darkness of the night, go quietly and slowly out of the scene. ISIL’s(داعش) fate in Iraq is almost over and in Syria, the army is cleaning up the last ISIL-dominated areas in the east of the country. After six years, US plans have failed in this region and had no achievement for them. Now, with US national debt reaching over $ 20 trillion, and while the texture and infrastructure of the community and also the social services of America are about to collapse, please explain to our readers, how has the US system succeeded in making this people “indifferent”? Regardless of other issues, these were the people of the United States, eventually with a series of demonstrations, forced their government to withdraw their troops from Vietnam. It seems that this was the last time that American democracy worked effectively. In your opinion, from that time till now, what happened to “sensitivity” of the American people?

Immorality. In my opinion the American people have lost their path to their unrelenting and uninterrupted consumerism. At the end of 1970 decade and after, the consumption-based capitalist trend accelerated. It was during this time that family values ​​were blown up and collapsed, and self-centered and Self-nose became an iron Coat that people were proud to wear.

Add this point to issue that a powerful media complex, in a distracting manner, has Putted the brainwashing on the agenda and has encouraged, thus, you are facing with a community that lacks a moral compass or will. America believes in its failure, weakness and incompetence and at the same time, its ability to change nature, inattention to the people and system.

Now the Americans are so entertaining by their shallow and unimaginable impression that they live separate from the realities. They can no longer see bars that are located on their prison cells.

America has lost love for freedom. Once America was born on the basis of this idea that all human beings are free and equal to the law. New Conservatives deviated these great and valuable principles from their path.

Of course, I believe that the conscience of Americans is once again awake. A lot of lies has leaked out from Weaving lies of spider-like webs, so that the Americans can no longer ignore themselves and declare ignorance.