Portuguese young man converts to Islam in Mashhad


Joseph Manuel Ayce said:

“I was born in a Jewish family and my father was the person who paved my way to get familiar with Islam; he is a wise man with years of experience doing research on different religions”.

Ayce added: “As Christianity was not able to answer my questions, like my father, I did much research on different religions and tried to get best possible understanding over various beliefs”.

Introducing Islam as the only religion responding to his questions, the newly Muslim convert noted: “I am at the beginning of understanding Islam and I have to discover religion’s truths through continuous study and research”.

“I will also learn more about Islamic law from my future wife who is a faithful Muslim,” he said.

The Portuguese Muslim went on to say: “One of the fundamentals in the Western culture is not to interfere into other people’s religions; therefore, people’s religions have nothing to do with others and I can have my own personal beliefs there”.

Joseph Manuel Ayce concluded his remarks by saying: “This is my first experience of having a pilgrimage in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, so the only description I can have about the shrine is its spirituality and warmness.”